24 Best Podcasts for Learning Korean

Which one to listen to of so many Korean podcasts? Here are 24 Podcasts you will love.

Korean language learning does not need to be boring and difficult. Luckily, there are ways to make it simple and enjoyable. The podcast is one such incredible opportunity for Korean learners.

Using pre-recorded audio to learn a language isn’t new. For a long time, it has been a practical approach to study.

The easy availability of smartphones, the internet, and the growth of technology have resulted in many language tools. The podcast is one of them. It opens a world of possibilities for learners from far and wide that didn’t exist before.

Speaking right from the beginning of your language journey is the most effective method of learning Korean. Hearing a Korean podcast means engaging your listening skills to study your target language.

This is how children learn a language at their primary levels. Thus imitating the same impact on your brain. It benefits in knowing the correct pronunciations and sounds more authentic and precise.

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Benefits of learning Korean with podcasts

Podcasts to learn Korean

The finest podcasts are designed to take you on a trip to learn Korean. They start with the basics most of the time. And then slowly build on the learned material to give you detailed language knowledge.

The Korean language depends heavily on listening. This is because the written form rarely reflects the exact pronunciation. Still, the subtlety of Korean can be perfected only through active listening and speaking.

This can be the right tool to engage your auditory senses while learning Korean.

East-Asia languages like Korean takes time to learn. And so, tools like Podcasts can help you save time and improve and speed up your learning experience.

Podcasts are convenient, amusing, free or affordable, and easily accessible. It is so flexible that you can get access to your fingertip. Plus, it exposes you to mesmerizing Korean culture and tradition through real-life situations.

Thus, using it to learn, practice, and enrich your Korean skills makes sense.

Can you really learn Korean with podcasts?

The answer is both Yes and No.

From teachers and books to apps like the Korean Ling app and audio lessons, there are many ways to learn a tricky tongue like Korean.

While podcasts, usually pre-recorded digital audio files, can benefit and be fun. Still, it alone cannot help you achieve meaningfully in any language.

At best, it can supplement other education resources. But, sure, it can help you improve and take your Korean language to the next level.

That itself is good enough, no?

How to use podcasts to improve your Korean skills?

Many podcast programs allow you to adjust the pace of the audio. This may be a handy tool. The speed with which native speakers’ voices are heard is one of the most challenging aspects of gaining a language.

Slowing down the podcast beats rewinding every few minutes. It allows you to catch the missed phrases. It also aids in better understanding the enunciation.

Now comes the critical question of which podcast to choose and at what level.

The best one is the one that matches your current South Korean language ability. But that is something vague.

Most broadcasters cover different aspects per request and diverse audiences. So, there will always be some overlap.

Selecting the most challenging podcasts, usually based on humor, cultural, and regional accents would be better. This is, of course, if you are already fluent in Korean.

Otherwise, go with something simpler. Besides, listen frequently, try to read while you listen, and write important notes for future reference. If you hear what you like, it can further advance your Korean language skills.

It’s a success to listen to material posted by native speakers. You can also use subtitles or transcripts to simplify your journey to Korean fluency.

Best Korean language Podcasts

Where to listen to Korean podcasts?

There are hundreds of podcasts out there. Although some are only paid, that requires premium memberships. Yet, most still are 100% free.

You may need to pay for a recurring service on the platform sometimes. This is to get ad-free, better sound quality, access to exclusive audio, and extra features. But that’s it.

You can listen to plenty of free episodes of Korean podcasts on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Plus, there are dozens of other platforms to choose from.

Talk To Me In Korean, based in Seoul, and other educational websites like KoreanClass 101 create new content. This ensures that the podcast is current.

24 Awesome Korean Podcasts for Korean Learners

With so many advantages of studying Korean, it has become a popular language among youth. So, as a natural outcome, you can find hundreds of podcasts, which increase in number each year.

There are many outstanding podcasts (which we will look at shortly). They teach both the Korean language and about it. So it could be a great start towards language learning to start with discovering the language.

That being said, here are 24 podcasts for different levels of study.

All audio content may not be suitable for all levels of learners. Thus, it has three parts: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. 

Let’s start!

Best Beginner level Korean podcasts

This list comprises podcasts for those who have just started learning Korean. Whether we limit our knowledge to a few words and Hangul or can hold some initial conversations, this can help.

All below beginners’ Korean podcasts may require extra study materials, some of which are provided for your studies.

Will you take the TOPIK beginner test I (levels 1 and 2) soon? Then, these easy-to-understand Korean podcasts can support you. Take a closer look!

Korean podcasts for beginners

1. KoreanClass 101

The company behind the well-known Pod101 courses has created KoreanClass101. This is a comprehensive resource accessible through a monthly subscription.

Over 1,500 audio and video courses, each lasting about fifteen minutes, are available on the site. In addition, it has thousands of quizzes, podcast-style dialogues, flashcards, notes, and translations.

If you know some Korean, you can attend the intermediate or advanced courses or start at the “absolute beginner” level.

There’s also a mobile app and downloadable PDFs of the episodes to help you keep up with your studies on the move. Lesson notes, flashcards, and line-by-line audio recordings are also available.

2. Real-Life Korean Conversations

The Real-Life Korean Conversations for Beginners podcast is an excellent podcast. Many learners have praised it for its quality.

This Korean podcast offers individual and combination audio courses. Also, there are many free episodes you can listen to on Apple’s iTunes, Spotify, or SoundCloud.

The Real-Life Korean Conversations for Beginners, based in Seoul, is regularly updated with new material. The podcasts also discuss issues trending in South Korea and how to communicate with your supervisor in Korean.

So, whether you’re interested in studying in South Korea or are planning to move to Korea, you will find something valuable.

3. Let’s Learn Korean

Let’s Learn Korean is an incredible place to start if you’re searching for a free series to learn the basics. KBS World, a South Korean television business, is the production house for this podcast.

It’s intended for native English speakers and those who speak French, Spanish, German, and other languages.

You may also listen to brief talks you would hear in the airport, post office, or other places in Korea. This beginner-level podcast is both educational and enjoyable.

4. Talk To Me In Korean for Grammar

Do you want to learn Korean grammar through podcasts?

Check out Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK) Core Grammar Lessons. This is perfect for diving deep into Korean grammar rules and how to use them daily.

Listen to Talk To Me In Korean – Core Korean Grammar, one of the most popular Korean podcasts. They use a similar format on the TTMIK website and grammar textbooks for free bite-sized lessons.

Korean Grammar with TTMIK

They discuss various topics, including grammar lessons, famous Korean foods, travel, and work. The team, comprising Hyunwoo and Kyeong-eun, produces new episodes regularly. So, be sure to get fresh, quality, and relevant content.

5. Survival Phrases

The Survival Phrases podcast has been discontinued. Yet, the archives have some exciting material. The series focuses on essential words that may benefit visitors to South Korea.

The classes were never dull and included a wealth of knowledge. This includes Korean vocabulary, phrases, syntax, and pronunciation in a practical setting.

No transcripts are accessible, but the host does a fantastic job of breaking down new lines and analyzing the intricacies of the language.

6. Learn Korean with David

On Spotify, this is one of the most beginner-friendly Korean podcasts. With over a hundred episodes as of this writing, you will never run out of things to learn.

The first few episodes cover fundamental Korean phrases such as “hi,” “goodbye,” and “thank you.” Then, it moves on to more popular words and themes, such as shopping, holidays, and money.

When conversing with locals and native Korean speakers, these are pretty handy.

7. Hangugeo Con Angduck for Beginners

Do you want to learn introductory Korean through day-to-day Korean activities? Then, check out Hangugeo Con Angduck for Beginners on Spotify.

It won’t be easy to understand for those who have just started learning Korean. But if you are an upper beginner or lower intermediate, this can benefit you.

Korean podcasts with transcripts

The podcast focuses on daily vocabulary and phrases. It relates to music, greetings, work, cinemas, food, etc. Thus, it is more effortless and shorter to listen to these episodes.

8. Learn Korean the Easy Way

Learn Korean the Easy Way is simply a terrific podcast out there for learning Korean. You can hear almost all syllables since the pronunciation is clear.

Nine complete lessons are available on this Spotify playlist. While 2 are 12-13 minutes short, the remaining 7 tracks range from 40 to 90 minutes.

Keep in mind that the episodes introduce Korean sounds using the Roman alphabet. For beginners, that’s a great shortcut. Still, Hangul will be necessary at some point in your Korean studies.

9. Learn Korean by KBS World Radio

KBS World Radio, a South Korean broadcasting company, offers high-quality content in many languages. For example, Arabic, Spanish, English, Chinese, etc.

 KBS World Radio content is diverse and covers news, dramas, films, K-pop, and other things.

You can learn Korean via their brief dialogues and many sections of Korean language classes. While they have two difficulty levels, it suits beginners and elementary learners.

It provides an outlet to learn and understand various things about the Korean language. However, the site is a bit confusing to navigate. Some may find audio recordings like robotic TTS (Text to Speech), not humans.

Best Intermediate-level Korean podcasts

Have you been learning Korean for a while and need authentic lessons to take to the next level? Then, watch out for these top podcasts for the lower and upper intermediate group learners!

This category comprises podcasts designed for students above the elementary level. This can benefit you if you prepare for the TOPIK Intermediate (levels 3 and 4). Here are some great ones!

Korean podcasts for intermediate

10. Hangugeo con AngDuck (Intermediate)

You can also check Hangugeo con AngDuck if you are an intermediate-level learner. Her podcast provides new lessons regularly, covering various topics and difficulty levels.

Her topics are unique, and she immerses you in Korean through many episodes. You can hear all the time, which surely can encourage you to absorb the flow of natural Korean.

She covers many topics. E.g., Korean customers, comparisons, life in South Korea, language study, must-watch Korean thriller films, shopping, food, and dramas. And the list is pretty much never-ending.

11. Sponge Mind

Sponge Mind is one of the most famous Korean-language podcasts.

They recorded every episode in both English and Korean. So, you can listen to it in English first to familiarize yourself with the subject before switching to Korean.

Because the podcast does not use typical language-learning methods, getting acclimated may take some time. But, the broadcasters do an excellent job of keeping the listener interested in bringing up engaging topics.

12. The Legit Korean

Do you want to study Korean while learning about the nation’s culture? This is one of the most outstanding Korean podcasts to listen to.

After each episode, the host offers her listeners a speaking task and asks them to send voice recordings to her via Instagram.

On her next podcast show, she plays these recordings. This allows her to highlight her listeners, correct them if they make a mistake, and encourage others.

13. Iyagi

This Korean podcast, produced by the same team as Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK), was discontinued in 2018. Yet, it’s still one of the most valuable Korean podcasts if you’re a little beyond the newbie level.

You may listen to and follow along with genuine discussions between native Korean speakers on this podcast. The topics covered are daily life, job, education, travel, and hobbies.

Although the podcast is entirely Korean, you may download transcripts and translations to make it easy to follow.

Korean podcasts on spotify

14. The Motivate Korean Language Podcast

The Motivate Korean Podcast encourages committed Korean language learners to keep going. The podcast talks about the Korean learning process and shares personal experiences.

This podcast offers advice on staying motivated and improving your Korean abilities. They do this by altering your perspective on the language.

Even though the whole podcast is in English, intermediate learners who need more incentive to go to the next level will find it helpful.

15. Sparkling Korean

Do you want to know more about Korea and, at the same time, improve your Korean language skills? Check Sparkling Korean!

Sparkling Korean is a fifty-episode intermediate podcast that covers many themes. For example, you’ll learn how to discuss the weather, the date, and the time.

Although the host speaks slowly enough for intermediate speakers, this podcast may be too advanced for novices.

16. Kingka Podcast for Kdrama & Kmovie

Do you want to learn Korean through Kdrama and films?

If so, check out Kingka podcasts. This is for anyone interested in Korean culture and language, seen and heard in K-Drama and K-movies.

Romelando, the creator, is not a native. Yet, he is a skilled and passionate Korean language learner. He covers endless new words and cultural aspects of Korean dramas using English and Korean.

His podcasts enable listeners to enjoy hundreds of episodes of popular dramas. For example, Minari (미나리), Dream High 2 (드림하이 2), 18 Again (18어게인), Thirty-Nine (서른, 아홉), Mr. Queen (철인왕후), Twenty-Five Twenty-One (스물다섯 스물하나), and many more.

You can listen to his podcasts on Apple, Spotify, Google, Overcast, Rocket, Castro, Podcast Addict, and Castbox. His episodes also assist you in learning Korean with movies

He also updates on Korean ASMR for language learners through the constellation.

17. Essential Korean Podcast

With Essential Korean, you can learn Korean from ground zero to all the way to the advanced level in a simple and high-quality manner. Kay, an experienced trainer, is behind the Essential Korean Podcast.

She allows you to practice speaking Korean through many podcasts while visualizing scenarios. The host also gives tips on improving your Korean practice and questions to check what you have studied.

Korean learning podcasts

Her website can find full transcripts and lesson notes for each episode. This can help you enhance your reading and writing skills, too. Also, you can access transcripts and lesson recaps only through a premium subscription.

Do you want to learn Korean through K-Music? The good news is you can get many bite-sized mini-lessons to understand music. The two types of content include language-focused explanations and cultural-related stuff.

18. Twinkling Korean

Twinkling Korean sometimes features bilingual conversations between Korean and English speakers. Despite this, most of the over 100 episodes are in Korean.

It does not immediately overwhelm you with grammatical rules. Later episodes include grammar. But they’re usually given in context with real-life examples and many new vocabularies.

While the audio doesn’t work on several platforms and websites, it does on Apple Podcasts.

19. Korean NewYorker

Originally from Seoul, Sophie lives in New York as a certified Korean and French teacher.

She introduces a few new words and reinforces everyday used words through 5-minute episodes. In addition, she shares her story and experiences on various Korean topics through this podcast. For instance, transcription.

Teaching foreign languages and language acquisition are the top subjects she talks about often. Sometimes, she speaks about raising a bilingual child and her relationships.

Her podcasts and audio diaries will help you improve your pronunciation and daily use of vocabulary.

Best Advanced level Korean podcasts

This is helpful for advanced learners who need more motivation to get close to near-native-level proficiencies.

Are you an advanced learner who needs more listening exercises? Maybe less common words, complex grammar rules, and exposure?

Well, this is for you. These advanced Korean podcasts can also help you study for TOPIK advanced (Levels 5 and 6). Don’t miss out!

Podcasts for advanced Korean

20. Learn Korean and Korean Culture

Jerry hosts the podcast Learn Korean and Korean Culture. He is a Korean-American with experience living both in America and Korea.

The podcast explores Korean culture, such as food, holidays, and K-pop, in a combination of Korean and English. Plus, Jerry gives a vocabulary list for each episode, which you may review after class.

If you enjoy audio episodes that explore various cultural aspects of Korea and can grasp sophisticated talks in Korean. In that case, listen to this Korean podcast.

21. Talk To Me In 100% Korean

A new podcast for advanced learners is available from Talk To Me in Korean and Iyagi creators.

In Talk To Me In 100 Percent Korean, Kyeong-Eun and Hyunwoo converse in 100 percent Korean about various topics. There are transcripts and translations of the discussions on the Talk To Me In Korean website.

Do you already feel confident in your Korean hearing and understanding abilities?

I am sure you want to increase your Korean listening skills by expanding your Korean vocabulary. If so, listen to this Korean podcast. You will surely like it.

22. Korean Listening Practice

Korean is difficult to learn. This is because it is hard with many rules, honorifics, dialects, and varieties. As a result, listening is integral to any learner’s language goal.

Korean Listening Practice is an app for Korean learners that provides audio information. As far as podcasts go, this isn’t one. Native speakers will show typical phrases, sentences, and proper pronunciation.

Korean listening Podcast

The degrees of difficulty vary from easy to complex. Plus, you get access to hours of listening comprehension and practice possibilities. This includes news and generic topics. You can also download these podcasts.

23. Breathe in Korean

Fluency implies ‘living’ the language; you’ll be doing that with this Korean podcast. The Breathe in Korean podcast has inspiring quotations from various literary works in Korean and English. 

It’s both informative and motivating, as well as relaxing. So, if you are an advanced learner who needs more exposure and listening practice, listen to this likable Korean podcast.

If you enjoy reading and want to hear your favorite novels read in Korean, here is the place to go.

24. Podbbang — A group of K-Podcasts

Get a taste of native speaker content by visiting Podbbang. You can explore endless channels on this Korean podcast site.

Podbbang focuses on helping students improve their speaking skills. It explains Korean subtleties in many Korean language publications.

You can also see Jung Young-jin and Choi Wook’s Maebul program for comedy and Kim Eo-Jun’s News Factory for current affairs. Then, Song Eun-i & Kim Sook’s confidential counseling and relationship guidance.

Final Words on Best Korean Language Podcasts

Podcasts for Korean language

Podcasts are a perfect way to learn, practice, improve, and explore the fascinating world of the Korean language and culture.

It is a combination of authentic and entertaining. Over time, your Korean understanding will likely enhance as you continually expose yourself to the language.

There you have it! These are the 24 excellent podcasts, and you can also choose for your level. So, level up your Korean skills with these podcasts.

Since most are free to use, you can subscribe to some. Make sure you use it regularly to help with your Korean language skills, and have fun learning this beautiful language!

With these Podcasts for learning Korean, you’re foolproof to speed up towards Korean fluency faster than ever.

Did I miss any top-notch Korean learning podcasts? What is your favorite one? You can share your views and questions in the comments.

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