Lingopie Korean Language Review

Do you like Kmovies & Kdramas and learning Korean? Check Lingopie Korean review.

Do you enjoy watching movies and TV series and learning Korean? If so, you can combine both using the Lingopie app — an approach to Korean learning via entertainment.

How effective is Lingopie? Does it really work? What are the top features, benefits, and drawbacks? Is it worth the price?

This extensive Lingopie Korean review explores the popular video platform for language learning and covers everything in-depth.

I tried to cover as much detail as possible. So, this is a comprehensive review of Lingopie Korean. You can jump directly to the parts that interest you more using the table of contents.

So let’s begin!


About Lingopie Language Platform

Lingopie is a language-learning platform that uses videos equipped with interactive tools. It helps you learn and improve 8 languages, including Korean.

The language app comprises hundreds of films, TV series, documentaries, and shows covering diverse topics, categories, and genres. As an effect, you will have plenty of videos for a binge-worthy experience.

Is Lingopie Korean good

Lingopie has many prominent features. Like a progress tracker, video learning tools, best Korean language podcasts, community interactions, and one-to-one tutoring, to name a few.

As you’d expect, the app is available on Android and iOS, and you can access the entire content through a web browser.

In 2019, David Datny and Roy Oppenheim founded Lingopie. Roy, a CPO, manages the product division, while David is the CEO. The headquarter is in Tel Aviv, Israel, and they have an office in New York City, USA.

Who is Lingopie Korean For?

Do you enjoy K-movies and K-dramas? With Hallyu, or the Korean wave, becoming increasingly trendy, who doesn’t?

Lingopie is one such language app for you if you are one of them.

This is an ideal platform for those who enjoy watching TV shows and films to learn Korean. This education app connects both to help you improve the Korean language.

You can access this platform anytime and from anywhere. The app is helpful for all kinds of learners. You only need a laptop or smartphone with the internet, which everyone has these days.

You will see good headway in your knowledge with just a few episodes. The conversation is essential to any language, and you will understand most of it thanks to the excellent support inbuilt with videos.

If you find language learning boring and looking for an entertaining way to take your Korean to the next level, learn Korean with Lingopie.

This is just as much about enjoyment as it is about K-studies. You will not even feel you are actually studying. A fun way to get to know more about Korea and become better at the Korean language.

Lingopie Korean language

How to start using it?

It is effortless to use the Lingopie Korean app.

All you need to do is create an account. Then, download the app or log in on the web, and you’re good to go.

You can start with a 7-day trial. Then, you are ready to uncover a pleasant way to learn Korean.

The app does not take any placement tests. Or you need to pass any quiz so that it can help you decide a level from where you can start. 

Instead, Lingopie allows you to randomly access any video you want and start the study and practice.

Features of Lingopie Korean

Lingopie Korean learning app offers many innovative and unique features. All these make your learning experience worthwhile.

Let’s take a closer look at all the top features.

1. The content discover

Once you have selected Korean as your target language, you will find plenty of videos in that lingo.

The app groups various genres, difficulty levels, themes, durations, and types of videos into multiple groups. The layout is carousel-style, so you can scroll, swipe, and see.

The videos are not for academic goals and lectures, which may make them tedious for some.

Instead, these are actual movies and television shows. So, irrespective of your Korean goal, you can enjoy watching these types of content.

Overall, they have a lot of videos in a variety of kinds and categories. Thus, you can perform a search based on your interest, runtime, genre, and purpose.

In the Lingopie app, you can create playlists to sync your improvement. And at the same time, enjoy hassle-free learning and amusement to enhance your Korean studies.

Review of Lingopie Korean

2. Video tools to enhance your learning

The primary idea of Lingopie is to simplify language learning by watching favorite films or TV shows.

Each video comes with subtitles in the original language (ex., Korean TV drama + Korean Subtitles). You can also use two subtitles together for better understanding. For example, original, target language, or both.

There is also a mashup segment. The app mixes the subtitles in English and Korean, and it highlights words to help you study. Konglish assists you in pronouncing it correctly and improves your reading and listening skills.

To help you learn, you can also click on any word, phrase, or sentence to get a real-time translation. Also, with the built-in flashcards and word list, you can easily review all your new vocabulary and grammar rules.

Lingopie also offers to control the playback speed. For example, you can adjust the pace from 0.5 to 1x per your current skills.

Toggle Full Frame for parallel learning is another fabulous feature. You can watch and read simultaneously, which helps in gaining unfamiliar words and phrases and how to pronounce them in real-life situations.

It has many other language-learning tools to help you learn Korean. For example, slow replay, auto-pause, repetition tools, auto-loop, AI voice to listen to a slow and easy-to-understand sound, etc.

3. Podcasts, tutoring, and value-add services

Because of this pandemic, online language tutoring sessions have become popular. To capitalize on this new trend, it introduced 1-on-1 face-to-face online teaching.

You can decide the schedule and pick a teacher you are comfortable with. Tutors can create their profiles and set their timing and prices. Some offer free or discounted first classes, but not everyone does.

You can apply as an educator for any language you teach. Lingopie manually verifies and approves teacher profiles.

Lingopie is also planning to start Korean Podcasts. It will cover various popular topics like education, health, literature, yoga, journalism, horror, crime, etc.

Podcasts are a practical way to learn a language. You can listen anytime on the go. It boosts your word power and motivates you to speak from the start.

As we advance, Lingopie intends to start a wide range of value-added services related to language learning.

Check their catalog → Learn Korean with webtoons and learn the Korean alphabet.

Pros and Cons

Like any language platform, Lingopie Korean has its own share of advantages and disadvantages.

Korean on Lingopie

4 Benefits

The following are some obvious benefits of this language education program.

1. Lingopie is suitable for everyone

Most Korean language learning apps are geared toward beginners. Once you cross the initial hurdles in basic vocabulary and talk, you will hardly be left with anything new to study and move ahead.

This is where Lingopie excels. All Korean learners can benefit from it, regardless of their current language ability.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, Lingopie has something for everyone. Even if you start from scratch, it is beneficial.

The across-the-board video library, suitable for all levels and users, can make your learning experience great. And thus, this app can be your long-term resource for you.

2. A rich catalog of K-movies and K-dramas

If you are a K-pop, K-drama, and K-movies fan, you will have a gala time at Lingopie.

Hundreds of Korean subtitled content are available there. K-learners will always find something new because they add fresh content regularly.

There are many categories to choose from. For example, new releases, top 10, family and friends, must-watch documentaries, Kdramas for learning Korean, emotions at their peak, romance, relationships, etc.

It also offers Beginner-friendly videos for new learners looking to start at the introductory level.

Do you enjoy documentaries?

There are plenty of options, like travel videos about South Korea, the best Korean foods, adventure, Korean customs, and society. By improving your Korean, you enjoy and increase your awareness of Korea’s rich culture.

3. Immersive Korean Learning Approach

Watching videos is a practical way to enhance your language skills. This is because it uses familiar dialogues, which are authentic and easy to recall.

Lingopie uses contextualized learning.

It focuses on the actual usages and tones that native speakers would use in their daily talks. So, you will not only be learning new stuff but also how to use it in real-life settings.

You will comprehend the context, when, and where to use various versions of the same word. And also how to use a word and phrase differently in other discussions.

Learning Korean on Lingopie

4. Plenty of innovative features

The innovative features that help learn a new language make Lingopie an amazing language app.

There are a ton of fantastic features. E.g., two subtitles, getting meaning with the correct pronunciation, controlling the voice speed, auto-play, loop sentences, and transcript along with the videos.

Tools like podcasts, AI voice, and audio recording improve your listening and speaking talents. You can also dig for your favorite phrase from their video dictionary.

2 Disadvantages

It makes sense to use Lingopie Korean for many reasons. However, it has many downsides you should know before diving in.

I have listed two obvious shortcomings below.

Lingopie Korean Rating

1. This isn’t a proper Korean course

Lingopie is superb for learning new words and sentences, and it tunes your ear for Korean sounds and accents. All this can help you advance in the various elements of Korean language learning.

Still, it is not a replacement for traditional Korean classes. It does not cover detailed, tricky grammar, nuance, or cultural context.

The immersion approach has some known perks. And since most new learners are unfamiliar with the language at their beginning stage, they find it hard to understand and gain context.

In contrast to other popular language apps like Duolingo for Korean, Busuu, Memrise, Babbel, and Rosetta Stone, Lingopie does not teach a language to absolute beginners.

In fact, it does not adequately prepare you. This is because this isn’t a language-learning app in the first place.

You view videos and learn something from them. The random content helps you improve your existing skills but not start and learn from them. In short, you cannot depend on it and take it as a supplement tool. 

You will find yourself in the middle of nowhere if you lack motivation and don’t have a plan. In short, you’re on your own.

There are no grammar drills, practice sets, vocabulary lessons, and phonology exercises. There aren’t activities that expand a systematic method of education.

This will be helpful if you already know Korean well and want to practice and improve. Combine it with other language resources and teachers to maximize your benefits.

2. It lacks a diverse range of videos

Are you looking to learn Korean through Kpop? Perhaps you are more interested in some nail-biting horror, RomCom drama, or outstanding Korean thrillers.

While Lingopie has a growing library, it does not have enough content that can attract all kinds of learners. Plus, it lacks proper filtering to search videos you’re curious about.

Plus, it does not have lots of kids or animation videos. And since many Korean learners are children, it leaves much to be desired. I hope they address this soon.

As of today, Lingopie offers video content in only 8 languages. I hope they add more languages and videos in various genres, age-group, and difficulty levels.

The Lingopie Korean Pricing

Lingopie is a 100% paid app and does not offer any free plan.

There is a 7-day free trial available. You can try all the features before you sign up for a paid subscription. During the free trial period, you can cancel anytime if you don’t like it.

There are two options for premium membership.

The monthly price for Lingopie is $12. A 1-year subscription costs $71.88, translating into $5.99 monthly.

Lingopie Korean pricing

There is a big discount of roughly 50% on the annual price. So if you plan to use the app for over a few months, consider this.

Prices vary by country. The cost is higher in nations like the USA but relatively less in places like India, Brazil, Indonesia, etc.

The company also offers a $75 family and friend plan for up to 4 people. The fee is reasonable if more than one user is interested in using this app.

Is the paid plan worth it?

You can see from the list above that paid subscriptions offer a variety of impressive features. Compared to other identical video learning platforms, the price is also affordable.

For instance, FluentU and Yabla cost $240 and $99. Yet despite a higher price tag than Lingopie, the features and quality aren’t any better than Lingopie’s.

Regarding what it offers, it’s reasonably priced and of great value.

No matter how much you learn, at least you’ll be able to watch thousands of premium videos worldwide.

Final Review of Lingopie Korean — Rating 4.0/5

Lingopie Korean App Review

Learning something new is always hard, especially in a complex language like Korean. But there are ways to make it simple and enjoyable.

And Lingopie succeeds in that. It combines an immersion system and entertainment by offering many interactive videos and flashcards.

As a result, you learn new things and advance your Korean language skills thanks to several great tools. This can help you prepare for the Korean TOPIK test.

The design is intuitive, engaging, flexible, and easy to use. The dashboard and user interface allow you to access almost everything with just a few clicks.

Of course, it has some flaws too. For instance, it has only a few language options and does not have an extensive video library across the types.

The app does not teach language and aspects like grammar, sentence formation, etc. Thus, it is not a replacement for the conventional study approach.

The best thing is to check out the website or app on the Apple or Google play store.

A 7-day trial is available for the app or web version. Understanding how useful and valuable it may be for you will take a few minutes.

Let me know if you have questions about my review of Lingopie Korean. You can also convey your views and suggestions in the comment below!

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