Review of TOPIK Practice Test with Migii

Are you preparing for the Test of Proficiency in Korean? If so, check Migii TOPIK review

Are you learning Korean to take a Korean language test, such as TOPIK, TOPIK-S, or EPS-TOPIK?

While there are many apps and resources for that purpose, there is one app you can’t afford to miss — Migii TOPIK!

This app helps you prepare for the TOPIK – Test of Proficiency in Korean through hundreds of lessons, mock tests, and interactive tools.

This practical app helps you improve your practical knowledge of TOPIK. There is something for all Korean language learners looking to prepare for TOPIK.

But how good is this app for TOPIK exam preparation? Is it really effective and helps you achieve your desired score? What are the top features, benefits, and shortcomings? Is the premium subscription worth the cost?

This comprehensive Migii Korean TOPIK review explores every aspect of this popular app.

I tried to cover as much detail as possible, so this is an extensive review of Migii TOPIK. The table of contents lets you jump directly to the parts that interest you more.

So, let’s begin!


About the Company behind Migii TOPIK

Founded in 2016, EUP Technology Joint Stock Company is the creator of Migii. It is a mobile-based platform that provides multiple language learning solutions and products. It operates in Hanoi, Vietnam.


EUP has over seven years of experience in educational technology. It specializes in and focuses on East Asia languages, such as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

It is no surprise that it is among the top educational software companies.

Integrating language study apps with conventional methods offers flexibility and interactive learning possibilities. The firm has developed several apps for those learning a new language.

Some examples include the Mazii Japanese Dictionary, the Hanzii Chinese Dictionary, and the TODAI — Easy Japanese app for reading Japanese newspapers.

They also have specialized courses for various international exams, such as the Japanese JLPT, Korean TOPIK, TOEIC, and HSK for Chinese.

How does Migii TOPIK app work?

Migii TOPIK app review

In 2022, the company developed the Migii TOPIK app for Korean language learners. The app helps you prepare for the most well-known Korean test, TOPIK.

TOPIK covers reading, writing, and listening. Recently, they added a new test, TOPIK-S (speaking). Focusing on all four language skills is vital to achieving a top-notch TOPIK test score.

As you’d expect, this app is available on Android and iOS. With over 100,000+ downloads, it is a widespread app for Korean learners.

Migii has developed a tailor-made curriculum for learning Korean and passing one version of the TOPIK tests.

Each topic has a distinct set of questions and answers. To pass on the subject, one must answer all the questions.

To pass a level, you must accumulate a specific number of points. If you fail a level, you can try again. You can pass each unit sequence-wise to learn, improve, and prepare for the exam.

Migii TOPIK Korean app review

They also have many segments and tools to help you study, practice, and prepare yourself for the actual test.

The Courses on Migii TOPIK

The app courses are in three categories: TOPIK 1, TOPIK II & Speaking, or EPS TOPIK.

(i) The Migii TOPIK 1

This includes 40 complete mock exams, each lasting 100 minutes. Every test has 70 questions and a distinct set of questions and answers. To pass, one must answer all the questions and get at least a passing point of 80.

It also has 40 mini-tests. These exams are 50 minutes each, and users must score at least 40 to pass.

TOPIK 1 has 8 listening exercises and 7 reading modules. Those already trained can undertake 10 difficult test series. 

(ii) TOPIK II and Speaking

This section contains over a hundred lessons for intermediate and advanced learners.

Migii TOPIK Korean review

It has 40 complete mock exams, each lasting 180 minutes. The passing mark is 120. There are also 40 mini-tests, each of 90 minutes, that need 60 marks to pass.

If you are already prepared and need to practice the complex questions, you get 10 difficult practice sets of 180 minutes each. Today, it has 7 reading, 8 listening, 3 writing, and 6 speaking lessons.


There is also a third category, EPS-TOPIK test. This exam is for foreigners from one of the 16 Asian countries looking for a job in South Korea’s ever-growing labor market.

There are 40 EPS-TOPIK mock test series. The duration of each exam is 50 minutes and has 50 questions. To pass, candidates need 110 points.

Like two other categories, it has 40 mini-mock tests that last 25 minutes, and you need 55 points to pass. Plus, 10 challenging exam series to enrich your practice.

Migii EPS TOPIK app

You can also practice speaking and listening directly. It has 8 reading modules and 7 listening.

All courses include synonyms and antonyms, fill-in-blanks, answering questions, and sentence matching. They also have paragraphs, photos, vocabulary-linked tasks, etc.

You can see a tab that includes transcripts and transactions. During the test, you will also receive all the explanations.

You can download theory, get a roadmap like a placement test, and get info and tips about TOPIK and how to prepare for it.

In short, all these mock tests have a test structure like TOPIK, TOPIK Speaking, and EPS-TOPIK. This can help you pass the respective test with flying colors.

Pros and Cons of the Migii TOPIK

Like any other Korean education app, the Migii TOPIK has its own share of advantages and disadvantages.

A few are generic and are valid for nearly all language apps. However, most of the pros and cons listed are Migii TOPIK-specific. It is also subjective and depends on user objectives and needs.

5 Benefits of the Migii TOPIK

There are tons of advantages to using this app. Some of the notable and unique ones are mentioned below.

Migii TOPIK features

1. It covers the TOPIK syllabus

Unlike other Korean apps for learners, Migii TOPIK focuses entirely on the TOPIK examination. It covers the complete curriculum.

One of the best ways to prepare for an upcoming test is to practice with full-length exams that are comparable in difficulty to the actual test.

Doing so lets you familiarize yourself with the format, timing, and types of questions you’ll face. This can immensely boost your confidence and increase your chances of success.

Luckily, you can access over 120 such practice exams to help you hone your abilities and feel more prepared on test day. The app delivers over 3000 well-designed review questions for both TOPIK and EPS TOPIK.

This encourages you to master the necessary knowledge and skills, which are requirements for the test.

2. In-depth and Detailed Explanations

This app covers more than just some theory parts, surface-level answers, and practice sets. It focuses on in-depth and detailed explanations.

Migii TOPIK is precisely what you need if you’re looking for all-out explanations. With a focus on providing deep information, you can be confident you’ll gain a more in-depth understanding of the topic.

The app explains each question in detail. This ensures an explicit education of all methods and concepts.

The app also has diverse words. It offers a wide range of TOPIK and EPS TOPIK words, with nearly 10,000 terms from levels 1 to 6.

As a result, you can expand your vocabulary and enhance your Korean language proficiency.

3. Personalized tools to enhance learning

This app for Korean learners consists of a good deal of logic-based questions.

Based on your performance, it automatically suggests questions you need to improve. Thus, it guides you to excel in those areas.

Migii TOPIK has many personalized TOPIK, TOPIK-S, or EPS TOPIK roadmaps.

This feature facilitates creating a customized roadmap for 30, 60, or 120 days of practice. It helps you reach your goals fast and effectively.

4. You get real-time TOPIK Scoring

Are you looking for a tool that provides real-time TOPIK scoring? Look no further—we’ve got just the thing for you!

With this fantastic feature, you can get instant updates on your TOPIK scores.

The real-time TOPIK scoring feature lets you easily measure your current level and track your progress. In short, you can stay on top of your game. Exciting, right?

This part estimates your TOPIK or EPS TOPIK scores. This assists you in identifying areas for improvement and drills for your upcoming Korean exams.

5. Tons of valuable features and tools

Many useful features of Migii TOPIK motivate you to study, improve, and prepare for the exam.

Migii TOPIK preparation

You can also upload a TOPIK certificate upon exam completion and participate in a community talk.

You will also receive advice and recommendations for practicing your weak areas in the TOPIK exam.

You get daily learning reminders. It allows you to track and save your TOPIK learning progress and history. You can also generate TOPIK exam tips and experience to gain better scores.

Disadvantages of the Migii TOPIK App

As with everything, nothing is ideal. Here are a few drawbacks of this app.

1. Lack of Browser version

The Migii Korean TOPIK app is designed to help learners prepare for TOPIK. It has been available on Android and iOS platforms since its inception.

But it’s worth noting that the app doesn’t have a browser version. This means that users can only access it through their smartphone devices.

This may be a limitation for some users who prefer to study on their computers or laptops. Still, the app’s mobile-friendly design and intuitive interface make it easy and convenient to use on the go.

2. Not meant for those not aiming TOPIK

Not specifically with Migii, but one of the noteworthy hurdles of online language learning is the need for more human interaction.

Languages are about people.

To conquer a language, you’ll need to communicate with real people—for example, face-to-face interactive sessions with a teacher.

Apps like Migii TOIK won’t get you anywhere close to fluency. It has speaking lessons developed for TOPIK-S. Yet, it is not enough to help you express yourself at an intermediate or advanced level.

This app has a vast selection of TOPIK courses. Still, the lessons and resources may need to be more varied to propel students who want to learn the Korean language without aiming to take the TOPIK test.

Pricing of Migii Premium

You can download and sign up for this application at no cost. It supports various TOPIK levels and tests and is free from the beginning to the end.

However, most lessons, mock tests, and outstanding features are only available at a premium subscription.

They offer three types of packages. US$26 for 6 months and $39 for 1 year. A lifetime membership, which is valid forever, is available for US$117.

They also offer discounts at regular intervals or during the festive season. Look for such a bargain.

When you buy any membership, you can unlock both Topik and EPS Topik for the entire level.

Free Vs. Premium

Migii TOPIK Premium

The premium version permits you to unlock all exam exercises.

The free version has only 6 mock tests, 15 practice sets, and 2,500 exercises. In contrast, the paid one has 140 mock sets, 49 practice sets, and 12,000 exercises with complete answers and explanations.

You can also track results and learn pronunciation lessons. They also intend to add grammar activities for paid users in the future.

Do you have an internet problem?

The premium version lets you use this app offline anywhere, anytime, without the internet.

There will also be no annoying ads. Last, unlike free apps, which allow use on one device, the paid one enables use on three mobiles.

Is the premium plan worth it?

Migii TOPIK premium review

With a paid subscription, you can enjoy many impressive features at an affordable price. You won’t find a better deal on a platform similar to TOPIK.

With unlimited exercises and mock tests, offline use, extra lessons, no ads, and tons of splendid features, it’s value for money!

The product is an excellent value proposition with reasonable pricing and top-notch features.

How do you purchase the paid services?

Buying the premium Migii TOPIK is smooth. Here’s a general guide:

  1. Visit the Website or App: Visit the Migii TOPIK website or download their app from your app store, whether the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Then search for “Migii TOPIK Korean.”
  2. Explore Subscription Options: Migii TOPIK likely offers different subscription plans with varying features and durations. Explore these options to see which one best suits your needs.
  3. Select a Plan: Once you’ve decided on a plan, select it and proceed to the payment page.
  4. Enter Payment Information: Provide the payment information, such as your credit card details or any other accepted payment method.
  5. Complete the Purchase: After entering your payment information, follow the prompts to complete the purchase process.
  6. Access Content: Once your purchase is complete, you should have access to Migii TOPIK’s resources. Depending on your payment plan, this covers practice tests, study materials, and other features.

The entire process is hassle-free. Migii TOPIK offers customer support if you face any issues during purchasing. You can also clarify any doubts or questions about the services before buying.

Final Review of Migii TOPIK — Rating 4.0/5

Learning a hard language like Korean and training for the TOPIK exam are always tricky and tiring.

But there are ways to make it easy and enjoyable.

Traditional study methods are fruitful. Yet, combining apps into your study routine can offer flexibility and interactive learning opportunities.

TOPIK practice test with the Migii app succeeds in that regard.

Is Migii TOPIK worth it

It blends an immersion system with fun by offering a wide range of interactive lessons and simulated tests.

As an outcome, you study new things and advance your Korean skills thanks to several excellent features of this app. This can help you prepare for the various Korean TOPIK tests.

The design is engaging, relaxed, and simple to use. The dashboard and user interface were developed to offer seamless, hassle-free access to all the elements with just a few clicks.

Of course, it has some flaws, too.

For instance, it does not have a browser version and does not focus only on TOPIK-related stuff. But it is also excellent news for those looking for a reliable app for TOPIK preparation.

The best thing to do is check out the website or app on the Apple or Google Play store.

A free version of the app is available. Understanding how beneficial and practical it may be for you may take some time.

Let me know if you have questions about my review of Migii TOPIK Korean. You can also share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment below!

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  1. I am studying for the Topik 94 exam with this app. It really surprised me, I gained 30 points after 1 month of use. I think you can do it too

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