Learn Korean with K-pop

Learning Korean needs not be boring. You can make it enjoyable by listening to Kpop songs. So let’s get the ball rolling!

Korean popular culture is something that has grown widely, and nobody can deny that. And it is showing no sign of dying out anytime soon.

From Seotaiji & Boys to Enhypen, Lightsum, Aespa, and all the rookie groups of 2020 and 2021, and the list is pretty endless!

From careers requiring Korean and improving your brain’s functionality to the cultural aspects to dream of education in South Korea, you have many reasons to learn Korean.

And then, there is one more motivation — Kpop!


Learning Korean through Kpop songs

If you are a Korean language learner, you must have thought about learning Korean through Kdrama, Kmovie, and Kpop.

We have already covered how you can learn Korean with films and dramas. So, today, we will cover K-pop!

But exactly how? Here’s a small help from our side.

I’ve introduced artists and their songs to help you learn a lot of vocabulary and grammar patterns.

So do not underestimate Kpop when it comes to studying the Korean language.

What are you waiting for? Let’s sing and dance your way to Korean fluency!

I am going to tackle K-pop decoding as a learning tool now.

Learn Korean with Kpop

1. JJP

JJP consisting of JB & Jinyoung Project, two of the GOT7 members. Before the successful group, JJP, known as the band’s parents, came out with the old-school Hip-hop Bounce Bounce in 2012.

Then in 2017, they surprised fans with their most focused on R&B album, Verse 2. That gifted us with a beautiful title track Tomorrow, Today.

It spoke about every youth’s problems from their perspective as youth themselves. So why and how should they know about tomorrow?

Let’s decode a few lines from that song.

Lyrics Breakdown:

Tomorrow, Today

  • 왜 내일을 오늘 골라야만 해 (Why do I have to choose today about tomorrow?).
  • 내일 일을 오늘 내가 어떻게 아는데 (How am I supposed to know about tomorrow?).

Words & Grammar:

  • 왜(요) – Why (formal).
  • 내일(을/를) – tomorrow (Object marking particles).
  • 오늘 – today.
  • 고르다 – to choose.
  • Verb + 어/아/해 야 하다 – Have/Must do something.
  • 일 – work.
  • 내가 – I (Informal).
  • 어떻게 – How?
  • 알다 – to know.

2. EXO

EXO, one of the most successful groups in the K-pop industry. They debuted in 2012 under SM entertainment with Korean & Chinese members.

EXO Korean singers

They had to take forward the legacy of the first-generation boy groups of their company. Like, H.O.T., Shinhwa, TVXQ, Super Junior, and SHINee.

They did it exceptionally. Their fandom and one of the biggest fandoms. The vocals of this group have been extravagant.

The Hyung line (oldest members) are serving in the military recently. But they made a comeback recently, with the album Don’t fight the feeling.

Let’s break down their comeback song and Promise, an emotional balled dedicated to their beloved fans, EXOL.

Lyrics Breakdown:

Don’t fight the feeling

  • 외로운 서킷 위로 시작된 주행 (Driving begins on a lonely circuit).
  • 지금 이 느낌 난 믿을 거야 (I’m going to believe this feeling).


  • 다시 한번 더 나 힘을 내볼게 기다려준 너를 위해서 (I’ll cheer up again for you, you who waited).

Words & Grammar:

  • 외롭다 – to be lonely.
  • 위로 – on the top of something.
  • 시자되다 – to be started.
  • 주행 – drive, run.
  • 지금 – now.
  • 이 – this.
  • 느낌 – feeling.
  • 난 (나는) – Me (informal).
  • 믿다 – to believe.
  • V – (으)ㄹ 거예요(거야) – Will V (거야 – informal).
  • 다시 – again.
  • 한번 더 – once again.
  • 힘 – cheer, strength.
  • 기다리다 – to wait.
  • 기다리주다 – to ask somebody to wait.
  • 너 – you (informal).
  • N~을/를 위해서 – for (somebody).

3. BTS

BTS stands for Bangtan-Seonyeondan, which means Bulletproof Boy Scouts. They are no doubt one of the biggest bands in the world today.

From winning in Music Bank with their I need you girl, in 2015, to getting nominated in the Grammys, these 7 boys have achieved a lot.

A lot of international audiences are getting attracted to BTS because of their English singles.

But don’t forget they have amazing Korean songs which are apt for you to study Korean with.

Boy With Luv and Spring Day are two of the few songs you can use as your learning resources.

Learn Korean with BTS songs

Lyrics Breakdown:

Boy With Luv

  • 뭐가 널 행복하게 하는지 (What is it that makes you happy?).

Spring day

  • 이젠 얼굴 한 번 보는 것도 힘들어진 우리가 (Now it’s hard to see each other’s faces).

Words & Grammar: 

  • 뭐가 – what? (NOTE: By adding Subject marker 가, the emphasis is on WHAT here).
  • 널 (너를) – to you.
  • 행복하다 – to be happy.
  • 하다 – to do.
  • 이젠 (이제는) – Now (NOTE: By adding Topic Marker 는, NOW has been emphasized).
  • 얼굴 – face.
  • 보다 – to see.
  • V~는 것 – The act of VERBing [Note: It becomes NOUN].


  • 보는 것 – the act of seeing; seeing.
  • 운동하는 것 – the act of exercising; exercising.

Words & Grammar:

  • 힘들어지자 – to become something difficult, hard.
  • 우리가 – our’s.

4. GOT7

GOT7, a group that’s showing different colors, together and individually.

Back in Jan 2014, they debuted under JYP entertainment and showed a rookie old-school Hip-Hop with martial arts in their performances with the debut song, Girls Girls Girls.

They keep challenging themselves with every comeback. And won many awards for the songs made by members themselves, like Look by the leader, Jay B.

All seven members of the group did not sign their contracts with JYP Entertainment in January 2021. This made fans worry that they might not come back.

But, just a month after leaving the company, they came back together as a group and released an emotional song, Encore.

This assured fans that they here to stay. They are all doing fantastic individually.

GOT7 group songs

Lyrics Breakdown:

Just Right

  • 아무것도 바꿀 필요 없이 예쁘다고 (You don’t need to change anything, you are pretty).

See the light

  • 니가 너무 예뻐서 그래 (I’m like this because you’re so pretty).


  • 평생 우린 철들지말자 (Let’s never grow up).

Words & Grammar:

  • 아무것도 – nothing.
  • 바꾸다 – to change.
  • 바뀌다 – something has been changed.
  • 필요하다 – to need.
  • 필요없다 – to NOT need anything.
  • 예쁘다 – to be beautiful.
  • A~다고 하다 – He/She/They said that you are ADJ (좋다고 하다).
  • 니가 – You.
  • 너무 – Very.
  • 아/어 서 – reasoning (늦어서 – because I’m late).
  • 평생 – lifetime.
  • 철들다 – to grow up, to get mature.
  • V~지 말자 – Let’s NOT verb (informal).

5. Monsta X

Monsta X, as the name sounds, often posses a killer image through their songs. Their comebacks, like Love Killa, give you shivers.

They are a successful boy group under Starship entertainment. The same label was known for the power pact girl group Sistar before them.

The group has gone through a lot. But, unfortunately, they have missed a precious member of a scandal.

But all of them are in a good place now, shining and rising with every comeback.

Lyrics Breakdown:

See You Again

  • 처음 봤던 그 모습 (Just the way I saw it).

I do Love You (널하다)

  • 그래 그래 그렇게, 내 손보다 크게 (Yes, like that. Bigger than my hands).


  • 하루 종일 널 지켜보면서… (While watching you over the whole day…).

Words & Grammar:

  • 처음 – first.
  • V~었/았/했~ 던 – Verb that has been done.
  • 그 – that.
  • 모습 – figure, form, image.
  • 그래 – yeah, okay.
  • 그렇다 – like that.
  • 손 – hand.
  • 크다 – big.
  • N~보다 – Compared to (ex: 중국보다 한국 작아요 – Korea is smaller than China).
  • Adj~게 – Adverb form (ex: 크다 – 크게).
  • 하루 종일 – the whole day, one day.
  • 지켜보다 – watch, observe, to keep an eye on.
  • V~면서 – Verb while VERBing (ex: 저는 영화 보면서 밥을 먹어요 – I eat while watching movies).


These four girls are a definition of a savage girl group in the K-pop industry. And they sure are different from the others when it comes to answering people.

MAMAMOO Kpop songs

They let others know what they are worthy of with members like Hwasa, the “beauty-wrecker” of the Korean beauty standards, Solar, the savage leader.

Wheein, a powerful and beautiful vocalist, and Moonbyul, the only rapper of the group.

They have a successful career as a band and individuals who have dropped songs like Starry Night, Hip, Aya, and many more.

Lyrics Breakdown:

  • 널 만나 몇 번의 계절을 지나 그 어딘가 헤매고 있는 게 아닐까 (I’ve met you, gone through a few seasons. Maybe I’m wandering somewhere).
  • 어디론가 날 데려줄래? (Will you take me with you?).
  • 같이했던 모든 건 멋진 드라마 같은 걸… (Everything we did together was like a great drama).

Words & Grammar:

  • 만나다 – to meet.
  • 몇번 – a few.
  • 계절 – season.
  • 지나다 – to pass, to spend.
  • 어디 – where?
  • 헤매다 – to wanter, to roam.
  • (으)ㄹ 까? – Should we?, Shall we?, [Here: Isn’t it?]
  • 어디로 – to where?
  • 데려주다 – to take.
  • Verb (으)ㄹ 래요? – Do you want to VERB?
  • 멋지다 – cool, wonderful, nice, great (informal).
  • 드라마 – drama.
  • 같이 – together.
  • 모든 – everything.
  • 같은 – like something.


The king of vocals and laughs, BTOB, stands for Born to Beat. They have dropped mesmerizing ballads like Missing You, Only one for me, Beautiful Pain, Second Confession, and many more.

They have also sung some of the popular OSTs.

Such as For You in Cinderella and Four Knights, starring the parasite star, Park So-dam, CNBlue’s Lee Jung-Shin, and many more huge names of the Korean acting industry.

Their vocals are so soothing. They will surely get you. Once you start listening to them, you will love them as artists.

Plus, the laughs are free. The group is about to turn 10 years now.

Lyrics Breakdown:

Missing You

  • 하나도 안 어색해 혼자 있는 게 (I don’t feel awkward being alone at all)
  • 근데 좀 허전해 난 여전히 거기 있나 봐 (But I feel a little empty. I guess I’m still there).
  • 너를 그리워하다 일 년이 가버렸어 (I spent a year missing you).

Words & Grammar:

  • 하나도 – not even one/once.
  • 어색하다 – to be awkward.
  • 혼자 – alone.
  • 근데 – but, by the way.
  • 좀 – a little (sometimes used a filler).
  • 허전하다 – to feel empty.
  • 여전히 – just like before.
  • 거기 – there.
  • 그립다 – to miss (somebody).
  • 일 – Here: One.
  • 년 – year.
  • 가다 – to go.
  • V~버리다 – used when emphasizing on the VERB 
  • (ex: 먹어버렸어요 – done with eating).

8. Blackpink

BlackPink stands as the biggest girl group in the world today.

Consisting of four talented girls. They can speak four different languages. Now that’s an exception on another level.

blackpink kpop

Unlike other k-pop groups, BP does not have a leader.

Jisoo, born in 1995, is the oldest vocals and visual of the group. They sure don’t have a leader, but as Jisoo is the oldest, she manages the group sometimes.

But the responsibility lies with every different member each time.

Rose is the main vocal of the group, who comes from Australia. She can speak English along with Jennie, one of the rappers of the group.

All these three members are Korean, while Lisa, the youngest, comes from Thailand. Their songs like Kill This Love, Du Du Du, Love Sick Girls, How You Like That and many more are bops.

These songs are known to the numbers which are not into K-pop.

Lyrics Breakdown:

You never know

  • 깊이 숨겼던 낡은 생각들 가끔 나를 잡고 괴롭하지만 (The old thoughts that I hid deep inside. They sometimes grab me and make me suffer).
  • 저 빛이 더 밝아질수록 내 그림자도 길어자는데 (As that light becomes brighter my shadow gets longer too).

Words & Grammar:

  • 깊다 – deep.
  • 숨기다 – to hide.
  • 낡다 – old.
  • 생각하다 – to think (생각 – thought).
  • 가끔 – sometimes.
  • 잡다 – to catch.
  • 괴로워하다 – to bother, to be distressed.
  • 저 – that (over there).
  • 빛이 – light.
  • 더 – more.
  • 밝아지다 – to become brighter.
  • (으)면, (으)ㄹ수록 – The more…, the more… 
  • 그림자 – shadow.
  • 길다 – long.

9. BOL4

BOL4 was a duet that released summer songs like Spring, Some, and many more.

Jiyoung was the singer, while Jiyoon was the rapper. Jiyoon left the duet last year.

But their songs still have an impact on Korean society. For example, last year, when the pandemic broke out, their single Spring was one of the most played songs in the department stores, cafes, and all such public places.

Apart from the song being beautiful, it resonated a lot with the situation where the whole world was in lockdown. 

It miraculously felt like the song was made for that very situation of people being held inside their houses.

However, it was made in 2019, and that was a shocking part. Listen to it. You will surely see your whole 2020 in it.

Spring (Bom)

Lyrics Breakdown:

  • 안돼 그만해 꽃은 넣어둬 그냥 좀 바람이 불게 놔줘 (No, stop it, put away the flower, just let the wind blow).
  • 눈치 없이 밖을 나가는 걸까 (Going to walk outside without noticing anything).
  • Flower Sunshine 완벽한 하루를 사실 너와 걸을 수 있다면 얼마나 좋을 (Flower, Sunshine, a perfect day. How good would it be to walk with you).

Words & Grammar:

  • 안돼 – No way.
  • 그만하다 – to stop.
  • 꽃 – flower.
  • 넣어두다 – to put something away.
  • 그냥 – just.
  • 바람 – wind.
  • 불다 – to blow.
  • 눈치 없다 – not paying attention to anybody.
  • -밖에 – outside.
  • 나가다 – to go out, leave.
  • 완벽하다 – to be perfect.
  • 사길 – to be honest, honestly.
  • 걷다 – to walk.
  • (으)ㄴ다면 – if (hypothetical, imaginary).
  • 얼마나 – how much?
  • 좋다 – good.

10. SHINee

The OGs of the K-pop industry, SHINee debuted under SM ent. in the year 2008 with their song 누나 너무 예뻐 Replay. A group consisting of exceptional vocals and mesmerizing moves was the most awaited one.

SHINee songs to learn Korean

SHINee is one of the groups in the K-pop industry that has gone through a callous time in their career.

They lost their lovely member, Jonghyun, to depression.

Still, they got up and are making powerful comebacks keeping Jonghyun in their hearts. The recent one was Don’t Call Me.

Their youngest member, Taemin, is in the military right now.

Lyrics Breakdown:

  • 뭐라 해도 나에겐 삶의 everything (But no matter what, she is my life’s everything).
  • 날 바라보는 눈빛이 말해주잖아 (The way you look at me tells me…)
  • 아름다운 그녀는 아직까지 누구와 진실 된 사랑의 맛을 본적인 (That beautiful girl still hasn’t had a taste of sincere love with someone) 

Words & Grammar:

  • 뭐라 해도 – no matter what, whatever it is (informal).
  • 나에게 – to me (informal).
  • 삶 – life, living.
  • 바라보다 – to look, stare.
  • 눈빛 – the look in one’s eye.
  • 말해주다 – to tell.
  • 잖아요 – You know that, right?; You already know.
  • 아름답다 – to be beautiful (used for scenery).
  • 부터~까지 – To~From (used for Time).
  • 진실 – honest, truth, fact.
  • 누구 – who.
  • 사랑 – love.
  • 맛 – taste.
  • V~(으)ㄴ 적 있다 – to have tried something (VERB).

11. Stray Kids

Taking forward the legacy of the successful groups under JYPE, like 2 PM, Wondergirls, GOT7, and Twice. Stray Kids had pressure to stand out from their seniors.

And they did it FINE-ly. Stray Kids are another well-known group of the fourth generation coming out from JYP entertainment.

Their leader BangChan has played a crucial role in the success of the groups as he was the oldest one.

Plus, he is one of the most supportive idols in the k-pop industry.

They have released songs like God’s Menu, Back Door, Miroh, District 9, and many more.

Lyrics Breakdown:

A story that won’t end (끝나지 않은 이야기)

  • 네가 웃을 때나 힘들 때나 항상 지켜줄게 너를 위해 (Whenever you smile, whenever you struggle, I’ll always protect you, for you).
  • 끝나지 않을 이야기가 되어 빛날 거야 (This will become a story that never ends and shines).
  • 같은 꿈 속을 함께 거닐 테니까 (Because we will walk in the same dream).

Words & Grammar:

  • 네가 – You.
  • 웃다 – to smile.
  • 때 – when.
  • 힘들다 – to be difficult, struggling.
  • 항상 – always.
  • 끝나자 – to end.
  • 이야기 – story.
  • V~지 않다 – to negate, (ex, 먹지 않아요 – I don’t eat).
  • 같은 – same.
  • 꿈 – dream.
  • 속 – Inside.
  • 함께 – together.
  • (으)ㄹ 테니까 – Assuring somebody that you’ll do something (ex: 저는 청소 할 테니까, 언니는 좀 쉬세요 – I will do the cleaning, so sister you please rests for some time.)

12. TXT

TXT stands for Tomorrow & Together, is the second group from HYBE (formerly known as Big Hit ent), home to BTS.

Kpop songs for learning Korean

They debuted in 2019, six years after BTS debuted. K-pop fans were excepting so much from them as they are the juniors of one of the most prominent groups worldwide.

And guess what?

They rocked it with The Dream Chapter: Star album. Consisting of five members, this group really did drop beauties like Blue Hour. Can’t you see me? And many more.

Their recent song, Anti-romantic, made headlines and went viral. People covered it on Tik-Tok and Instagram reels.

Lyrics Breakdown:


  • 어차피 낭비 설렘 따위 좀 겁이 나니까 (It’s a waste anyway, a romantic feeling it scares me a bit).
  • 달아나고 싶어 저 멀리 (I want to run far away).
  • 또 취하게 해 깊이 (I’m drunk deeply again).

Words & Grammar:

  • 어차피 – anyway.
  • 겁이 나다 – to get more and more scared of something
  • 낭비 – waste.
  • N~니까, V~(으)니까 – Because.
  • 설렘 – fluttering.
  • 달아나다 – escape, flee, run away.
  • 멀리 – far.
  • 저 – I.
  • V~고 싶다 – To want to VERB (ex: 수영하고 싶어요 – I want to swim).
  • 또 – again.
  • 취하다 – to be drunk.


He is one of the youngest members of GOT7. He recently signed with Abyss company and came out with a bop album, riBBon.

It has shown the colors BB had inside him throughout his seven years. From the title track, Ribbon to Air, and the emotional ballad Under the Sky.

He spoke about how he, with his 6 members, had gone through the strict training system. And also how they are all so successful now.

So Under the Sky is for GOT7 and iGOT7 (GOT7 fandom name).

Lyrics Breakdown:

Under the Sky

  • 기억 속의 모든 날이 울고 웃던 시간들이 지금의 우리를 다 만들어 준거라 (Every day in my memory, the times we cried and laughed, you made us all who we are today).
  • 우린 지금처럼 하나니까 You and I (’cause we’re like now, You and I).


  • 무엇을 원해 원해 뭐든 다 줄게 for sure (I’ll give you everything you want, for sure).
  • 같이 놀러 갈래 (let’s hangout together).

Words & Grammar:

  • 웃다 – to laugh.
  • 시간 – time.
  • 기억 – memory, recollection.
  • 울다 – to cry.
  • 다 – all.
  • 날 – day.
  • N~의 – N’s (ex: 친구의 생일이다 – Friend’s birthday).
  • 만들다 – to make.
  • N~처럼 – like NOUN.
  • N~니까 – Because of NOUN.
  • 무엇 – what?
  • 원하다 – to want.
  • 주다 – to give.
  • V~줄게요 – I will give you (Ex: 보내 줄게요 – I will send it to you).
  • 놀다 – to hang out.

14. IU

IU, currently known as the Queen of the industry, is everybody’s favorite.

Learn Korean with Kpop lyrics

Her songs are HIT. She is a beautiful perfectionist. She is the dream collaboration of so many huge artists in the Korean music industry.

She is also an actress who made fans go crazy over her yet again in Hotel Del Luna, Moon Lovers, and many more.

If you want to learn Korean with Kpop, the lyrics of her melodious song are a perfect way to start!

The most awaited collab was with Suga of BTS. Imagine two of the powerful idols collaborating, and this is what we got. Let’s decode Eight by IU and Suga.

Lyrics Breakdown:

Eight Ft. BTS Suga

  • 모든 게 맘대로 왔다가 인사도 없이 떠나 이대로는 무엇도 사랑하고 싶지 않아 (Everything comes at will and leaves without greeting. I don’t want to love anything like this).
  • 이런 악몽이라면 영영 깨지 않을 게 (If this is a nightmare, I won’t wake up ever).
  • 우리는 오렌지 태양 아레 그림자 없이 함께 춤을 춰 (We are under the orange sun. Dance together without shadow).

Words & Grammar:

  • 마음 (Pronounced as맘) – mind.
  • 오다 – to come.
  • 떠나다 – to leave.
  • 이대로 – as it is.
  • 인사 – greeting. 
  • V~고 싶지 않다 – to NOT want to Verb (ex: 가고 싶지 않아요 – I don’t want to go).
  • 이런 – like this.
  • 악몽 – nightmare.
  • 깨다 – to wake up.
  • N~(이)라면 – If this is…, then …
  • 영영 – forever.
  • 오렌지 – orange.
  • 태양 – sun.
  • 춤을 추다 – to dance.

15. Day 6

Day6 is the exact definition of a band. They play live instruments, like guitar, piano, drums, and their vocals are outstanding.

Debuting under JYPE with Congratulations, they have not stopped since then. Their fans are growing day by day.

Fans until to the date, go back and listen to their debut song cause you can’t take enough of it.

Lyrics Breakdown:


  • 어제는 어떤 날이었나 특별한 게 있었던가 (What kind of day was it yesterday. Was there anything special?).
  • 할 수 있는 것도 가진 것도 없어 보여 (I can’t seem to do anything and I’ve got nothing left here with me).
  • 꿈꾸고 싶어도 아무것도 하지 못해 (Though I want to just dream on. There’s nothing I can do no more).
  • 다 털어놓고 wanna cry 다 내려놓고 can I cry (Get it all out, wanna cry, let go of everything, can I cry).

Words & Grammar:

  • 어제 – yesterday.
  • 어떤 – What? Which?
  • 특별하다 – to be special.
  • 가지다 – to have.
  • 없다 – to not have.
  • 보이다 – to be seen, come in sight.
  • 꿈꾸다 – to dream.
  • 아무것 – anything.
  • 못하다 – be bad at.
  • 털어놓다 – confess, disclose, reveal.
  • 내려놓다 – put down.

16. G-Friend

G-Friend blew up when they release Me Gustas Tu. These talented girls made headlines in 2015 as they were all over the place.

Best Kpop to learn Korean

Their number was played in all the public places, and knowing South Korea and especially Seoul, it’s a musical country. Songs are just everywhere.

Unfortunately, they disbanded this year, and this was the most shocking disbandment of the year.

2021 is a year with many groups that will run out of contracts as 2014 was the year with many rookie groups.

Lyrics Breakdown:

Me Gustas Tu

  • 한 발쯤 뒤에 섰던 우리는 언제쯤 센치 해질까요 (We are standing one step behind. When will we become sentimental?).
  • 이제는 용기 내서 고백할게요 (But I’ll be brave now and confess to you).
  • 감싸줄게요 그대 언제까지나~ (I’ll hold you, until always, always).
  • 사랑이란 말 안 해도 느낄 수 있어요 (Even if you don’t say it’s love, I can feel it).

Words & Grammar:

  • 뒤에 – Behind.
  • 서다 – to stand.
  • 용기 – courage, brave.
  • 고백하다 – to confess (to your crush).
  • 감싸주다 – to hold, to wrap.
  • V~안 어/아/해도 되다 – It’s okay even if you NOT verb (ex: 안 먹어도 돼요 – It’s okay even if you/I don’t eat).

17. Jessi

Jessi is one of a kind singer and rapper in the Korean music industry. She is the first artist under P-Nation, the label owned by PSY, the Gangnam Style legend.

As Jessi told in Eric Nam’s Catching Up episode, she was taken in by PSY first. They both are like good friends and have sibling-like energy between them.

She keeps dropping fire songs, like Nu Nu Na Na., What type of X.

But the girl has struggled a lot.

From moving to Korea from the States at the age of 15 and living alone, she had done it all.

She shared her story in one of her songs, Star, last year. It’s one of the most practical lyrics I’ve ever come across.

Lyrics Breakdown:


  • 난 몰라 뭐가 있는지 저 언덕 뒤엔 가보면 알아 난 그냥 걸었지 (I don’t know what’s behind that hill, I’ll know once I go there, so I just walked).
  • 내게 필요했던 건 단지 그 한마디 (That one sentence was all I needed) 
  • 내 진심 어린 거짓말 잘 지내 엄마 걱정 마 (My lies full of truths, I’m doing fine mama, don’t worry).
  • 지금 보다 훨씬 서툴렀던 한국어 (My Korean which was way worse than now).

Words & Grammar:

  • 모르다 – to not know.
  • 가다 – to go.
  • 알다 – to know.
  • 언덕 – hill, slope.
  • 가보면~ – When go and see~
  • 한마디 – word.
  • 단지 – only, simply.
  • 진심 – sincere.
  • 어리다 – young.
  • 잘 지내다 – to be doing good, to be living well.
  • 걱정하다 – to worry.
  • 서투르다 – to be poor at, unskilled.
  • 한국어 – the Korean language.
  • 훨씩 – much, far better.

Should you learn Korean with K-pop lyrics?

Learn Korean with Kpop songs

The groups, solos, and duets that I mentioned are, of course, just a few. As language learners, we always need motivation, and thankfully Korean music helps in that a lot.

I still wanted to mention so many artists, but I can not add everybody in one article.

If you want, please check out Eric Nam, Amber, Jackson Wang, Ailee, Hyolyn, Dean, Jay Park, Kevin Woo, Jay B, in fact, all the AOMG and H1gher Music artists.

These kpop groups are the best reasons for learning Korean as few have learned it themselves after coming to Korea. Moreover, their music can actually help you study the language.

화이팅! All The Best!

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