11 Reasons to Study in South Korea

If you want to go abroad for your education, why not study in South Korea? Here are 11 outstanding benefits!

South Korea isn’t just about K-pop, K-drama, K-movie, K-beauty, Kimchi, giant MNCs, and UNESCO world heritage sites. It is also an incredible destination for international students to pursue academic excellence.

This article will help you out whether you’ve already decided or are still unsure why to study in South Korea.

Today, many students aspire to study overseas to boost their careers, improve living standards, learn a new language, and appreciate other cultures. One can gain a more all-embracing understanding of the world.

With all the alternatives, South Korea is becoming an attraction for students worldwide. It is one of the most sought-after places for higher studies. And the reasons are apparent.

A few countries enable you to get a quality education at an affordable cost, a rich cultural experience, and a thriving student life!

Korean universities are in demand by companies all over the world. Therefore, after completing your education, you can search for jobs in various industries.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

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11 Impressive Benefits of studying in South Korea

Do you aim for academic pursuit, enjoy Kimchi in Seoul, participate in Busan one Asia music concert, or visit the traditional festival in Korean villages?

You’ll have an unforgettable experience in South Korea.

So if you’re contemplating going abroad for your college studies, here are eleven reasons you should study in South Korea. An incredible country with vibrant culture and splendid career prospects.

Benefits of Studying in South Korea

1. Internationally recognized degrees

South Korean universities are acknowledged and held in high esteem globally for a world-class education. There are several prestigious institutions, and most of them are in Seoul.

Universities like Seoul National University (SNU), KAIST, Yonsei, POSTECH, Korea University, and SKKU are among the top 100 universities worldwide. They enjoy this worldwide reputation thanks to high-quality teaching and state-of-the-art infrastructure. 

South Korea, with 100’s educational establishments, comprises diverse academic profiles. It covers different types of degrees in popular fields like economics, science, technology, management, engineering, finance, fashion, and social science, to name a few.

South Korea ranks as one of the leading OECD countries for academic achievement and competitiveness. It also stands high in the global index of cognitive skills and educational attainment rankings.

With an increased focus of the Korean government on producing better graduates and researchers who can compete globally, this could be a crucial reason to study in South Korea.

2. Hub of innovation and technology advancement

South Korea is a leading country producing mobile phones, displays, semiconductors, chemicals, machinery, cars, electronics, and ships.

With innovation and technological progress, South Korea transformed its economy from one of the world’s poorest countries to one of the most prosperous over the past few decades.

This result is because of spending much more on research and development (R&D) as a share of GDP than other developed markets.

Big corporations such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai have become global leaders thanks to their cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking product designs.

And it packs all of these with outstanding career possibilities.

3. Affordable tuition fees and living cost

Do you want to study abroad without breaking the bank?

The foremost hurdle to studying overseas is the total cost. When college studies are becoming more and more expensive, South Korea stands out from the crowd.

Unlike the expensive USA, France, UK, Japan, and Australia, South Korean universities and educational institutions offer high-quality training in a favorable environment without imposing unaffordable tuition expenses. 

The living cost is also on the lower side—the accommodation, food, clothing, transportation, and activity are relatively pocket-friendly for students.

You also have many opportunities to get one of the well-developed scholarship programs.

Is it good to study in Korea

4. Earn a scholarship to study in South Korea

Besides comparably low tuition fees and living costs, several scholarship programs are another motivation to pursue higher study in South Korea. This includes a tuition fee exemption, along with a round-trip flight ticket and many perks!

The Korean government, since 1967, has granted scholarships to over 6,500 deserving students from almost 150 countries.

They offer numerous scholarships, like Global Korea Scholarship (GKS), to nearly 2,000 international students yearly.

They also provide multiple cultural and educational exchange programs to strengthen Korean universities’ global competence and attract candidates from far and wide.

In addition to government initiatives, several universities and businesses also offer their own scholarships, grants, and financial support. They encourage applicants to study in South Korea and experience a top-notch education.

5. You can earn while you learn

Irrespective of tuition fees, there are many fixed and recurring lifestyle expenses.

And to manage all these, students need off-campus jobs to meet the living costs. Therefore, many students try to find work to support themselves while studying.

As an international student, one can look for part-time jobs to fund your education in South Korea.

If time permits and you have a valid D2 study visa, you can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week and unlimited hours during holidays.

With a stable economy, South Korea provides plenty of employment to college students for a financially secure future.

6. Mouthwatering foods

Do you want to taste authentic, sumptuous, and delicious Korean cuisine?

The goal of higher study in South Korea can undoubtedly help you fulfill that. 

The country is a paradise for food lovers. There are so wide tempting varieties of tasty Korean foods with incredible aromas and textures scattered all over the place.

You will never be out of it, and it is almost impossible not to fall in love with Korean foods.

This list is never-ending, from scrumptious Kimchi and savory Haejangguk to healthy Japchae and flavorsome Naen foods.

7. Learn and improve the Korean Language

Whether you’re already learning Korean or intend to start soon, there is no better place than South Korea.

Korean University

Immersion is reasonably the best method to learn a new language. It allows endless occasions to practice with natives how it’s spoken in the actual situation.

Most South Korean universities conduct Korean language lessons alongside their primary subject. You can also choose any public or private learning centers offering Korean classes.

Depending on your current Korean knowledge, you can pick a Korean course ranging from absolute beginners to advanced levels.

And the good thing is that they are free or at a negligible cost.

Some universities also demand a specific level of the Korean language in the application.

While the requirement varies, you can take TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) level 3 or higher for undergraduate and level 4 or higher for postgraduate.

You may also have to pass TOEFL or IELTS exams if the teaching language is 100% English.

You can contact the concerned educational institutions for the precise prerequisites.

8. Careers in South Korea after studies

After completing your course, you can stay in South Korea and seek work.

The law allows international students to live there as long as they wish to remain. But you do need a valid visa and job confirmation from an employer.

But let’s face it, getting a job as a foreigner isn’t a simple task.

You’ll be competing with Korean citizens. They better understand their country, work culture, and native Korean speakers, which is necessary for most jobs.

However, your prospects are bright if you possess relevant degrees from a leading university, in-demand skills, and higher Korean language ability like TOPIK or KLAT.

After your studies, get a job seeker D-10 visa.

Then check the various newspapers and job portals for new openings. The government also lists many such jobs on the website from time to time.

There are various jobs in almost every sector. However, finding a job as an English teacher is comparatively easy.

A well-known trick is improving your references and contacts during college study.

9. The attractive tourist destinations

South Korea is a popular tourist attraction for millions of people worldwide.

It is a diverse country for city tourists, nature adventure, and historical sites. You are in for a treat, from cherry blossoms bloom to calm villages.

Not just that, South Korea tops the table for the friendliness of the local population towards foreigners.

Studying abroad involves much more than spending time in the classroom or lost in the sea of books.

As a student, you will have a one-of-a-kind experience for relaxing day trips and weekend breaks to all the beautiful places in the country without spending a fortune.

From the bustling nightlife in Seoul, Busan, and Incheon to the picture-perfect nature beauties of Jeju island, Seoraksan National Park, and Gyeonbokgung Palace, you have plenty of choices.

10. A chance to explore culture, Kpop, and much more

Korean enjoy concerts, festivals, exhibitions, and movies everywhere. There is a profound cultural offer that springs up throughout the country.

You may not see your favorite Kpop stars in your native place. But luckily, Korea is the place to be. Plus, you can meet new people, which further increases your perspective toward them. 

You can find frequent traditional Korean dance performances and K-pop music concerts almost everywhere.

Reasons to study abroad in Korea

Although you’ll probably be getting by on a student budget, you can still soak up and become part of ever-growing Hallyu communities.

Many traditional festivals include Chuseok, Jeju Fire, Jinju Lantern, Seongsan Sunrise, Boryeong Mud Festival, Gwangju World Culture Kimchi Festival, and more.

All because you decide to study in South Korea!

11. The high quality of life in South Korea

South Korea is among the safest and most welcoming countries for international students. 

Over the years, Korea has made significant advancements in living conditions. As a result, it is an excellent place to study, live, travel, and work.

The high life expectancy, low crime rates, rising per capita income, steady economic growth, universal healthcare, A-class education, and technological headway makes a country worth living in.

Conclusion: Should You consider studying in South Korea?

South Korea is the perfect study abroad destination for your degree, thanks to its higher quality of education, rich culture, budgeted tuition fees, and thriving student life!

To sum up, “South Korea has it all.” 

Studying in South Korea is an important decision that can cause a world of difference in your personal and professional life.

With so many positive aspects, you will surely make lifelong memories. I hope this list of reasons to study in South Korea is helpful.

Good luck, or as the Korean says, 잘보세요!

You can comment below if you want to share something or have questions.

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  1. I want to study in Korean for CA chartered accountants, but I don’t know how to start and if any exams I have to write.

    • CA is country-specific, and it is mainly helpful for native people. So, unless you get the post-study job there or speak Koran as a native, it won’t benefit you. I don’t know much about such courses in Korea. You can look over the internet.

  2. I read this article on “11 amazing reasons to study in South Korea,” and I loved it. I was planning to pursue a Global MBA or Global MIM at Korea University Business School after my graduation and gain 2-3 years of work experience. So as you write an article on this subject. What do you think??
    If you could kindly reply.
    Thank You

    • South Korea is home to some of the top-ranked universities, and if you get admission to those institutions, that would be good from a career perspective. Don’t go for the sake of it; pick if it’s worth it from a professional viewpoint.

  3. I am very interested Ph.D. from South Korea in the field of sustainable tourism development. Can I get a easily admission as well as scholarship.

  4. I’m a B.com student from Nagpur, India. I want to go Korea for studying hard and fulfill my dream.
    Thank you.

  5. I want to do a global MBA in South Korea. Please suggest some good universities which i will choose while applying for the GKS program.

    • I am not sure if such courses are there through GKS. You can check the list of collges and available courses through GKS.

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