21 Best Korean Movies on Amazon Prime Video

From romance & drama to thriller & comedy, watch top Korean movies on Amazon Prime

Who doesn’t want to spend the weekend chilling on the sofa and watching an Amazon Prime marathon?

Amazon streaming service offers hundreds of Korean films to watch from the comfort of your home. So whether you have reasons you should learn Korean or are just a fan of K-drama, you can watch for fun and learn too!

The storylines of the movies or television shows added with the dialogues and music tracks capture attention. It can keep us engaged for long hours. But, films can leave us wanting more with their addictive elements.

Korean wave and South Korean dramas have overtaken the world. In addition, Squid Game and K-pop are a phenomenon that has created an enormous fan base for South Korean content.

South Koreans have demonstrated their exemplary skills and know how to reach out to audiences with Oscar winners Parasite and Minari.


Why is South Korean cinema so good?

Korean filmmakers and writers excel at crafting emotional drama and have an abundance of talented actors and actresses who can bring it all to life.

The authors can construct incredibly engaging and complicated storylines that keep the reader’s attention.

Most of their films are story-based and pleasing. This allows them to develop not just the main characters but also the supporting cast while conveying a compelling plot.

Also, the background music to assist the mood is superb, especially during love periods.

Is it helpful for learning the Korean language?

Best Korean films on Amazon Prime Video

Whatever your motivation for studying Korean, there are many ways to learn Korean.

For example, you can enroll at a language school or improve your skills by listening to podcasts for Korean learners or using apps or books. The list is endless.

Another method is to watch Korean TV series, dramas, videos, and films. They all can enhance your language ability.

Movies and TV series are great for gaining new words, expressions, and phrases and help you construct sentences.

Learning Korean through drama will help you understand it in everyday situations. Besides honing your listening skills, it also enables you to learn slang and colloquial expressions the way natives use them daily.

To sum up, watching Korean dramas, TV series, and films on Amazon Prime Video is a great way to learn, practice and improve your Korean language skills.

If you are learning Korean for kpop, drama, or are a fan of any form of K-wave. Then why not combine both to take your Korean language to the next level?

If you are at a beginner’s or lower-intermediate level Korean, feel free to turn on the subtitles or change the audio. And for advanced learners, like Korean TOPIK level V, you can watch in the original without subtitles.

Why watch Korean films on Amazon Prime?

The first advantage of Amazon Prime Video is that it’s more affordable than other popular platforms like Netflix, HBO, MUBI, etc. So it is indeed a value of money.

It also offers more features than other platforms, especially if you want to watch movies to learn Korean. For instance, simultaneous streams, offline viewing, many choices for subtitles and audios, HD quality, a vast library, original videos, etc.

Like Netflix, it has several award-winning original content from South Korea. And they regularly invest in original films. So, you can always watch some exclusive Korean films you won’t find anywhere else.

Amazon Prime also has a large and growing catalog. So, there is something for everyone.

It comprises Korean movies across the genre. So whether you are interested in Rom-Com drama and horror or historical and animation, you can access it here. And that is also with an inexpensive subscription. 

But remember, some movies on Amazon cost more. Also, you might need to buy, rent, or pay extra for 3rd-party services.

21 Top Korean Films on Amazon Prime Video

Whether you want to watch your favorite titles or looking for a new one, these fabulous Korean movies on Amazon Prime are a fantastic place to start.

And so, here are 21 South Korean films that will leave you enthralled and wanting more.

So get that popcorn ready, and let’s get the ball rolling!

Korean films on Amazon Prime

1. Train to Busan (부산행), 2016

Those who love zombies and the apocalypse should watch Train To Busan, a Korean horror film. Aside from keeping you on the edge of your seat, it will also leave you in tears.

The story is about a divorced father who tries to get his daughter on a train to meet her mother. But they get stuck on the train in a zombie apocalypse.

In their attempt to reach the safe zone across the country, the father and a few other survivors are on the train. They all battle and struggle to survive.

A favorite and pride of South Korea, Train to Busan is well known for its star-studded cast and screenplay. It is a must-watch Korean zombie cliffhanger.

2. The Witch: Part 1 – The Subversion (마녀), 2018

Ja-Yoon fled from a government institution when she was young but lost her memories. So when she takes part in a nationally televised competition to earn money for her family ten years later, faces from her past flip her life upside down.

The Witch’s brilliance lies in the dark and sublimely fulfilling world. It transports us to once we learn our hero’s ultimate motivation: survival. 

The raging pandemonium has plenty of blood, brutality, and un-freaking-handedness, as well as twists and changes. Watch on Amazon prime right now.

3. Parasite (기생충), 2019

This was an apparent number on this list. Of course, most of you have already watched this one, but who stops you from viewing it again?

I find it just as thrilling as if I were watching it for the first time.


This Oscar-winning film revolves around an impoverished family who is a victim of class discrimination and ridicule. In a talk with his friend (Park Seo-joon), Ki-woo uncovers he can get a good-paying English teaching job in Korea.

Then greed drives them to exploit and creep into a wealthy family. The unraveling consequences affect both families.

This one will surely leave you disturbed (positively) for its accurate and raw portrayal of society. This black comedy has everything to keep you hooked and entertained for a non-stop 132 minutes.

4. Il Mare (시월애), 2000

Sung-Hyun moved into his estranged father’s mansion, ‘Il Mare,’ in 1997. He takes a letter from his mailbox one day, which was addressed to the new resident of the ‘Il Mare’ residence by a young woman.

More letters arrive, and these letters include correct future prophecies.

Meanwhile, Eun-Joo believes her letter has traveled back to December 1997 and begins writing to Sung-hyun daily. Eun-Joo continues conversing with Sung-hyun.

5. Burning (버닝), 2018

When Jong-soo runs into Hae-mi, a girl from his neighborhood, she begs him to look after her cat while she’s away.

When she returns, she introduces him to Ben, a man she met on the trip. Ben then informs Jong-soo about his favorite pastime.

The title, Burning, relates to the bitterness and wrath felt by the young and striving against the wealthy and oppressive. These revelations lurk beneath the surface of this masterfully crafted thriller.

6. Midnight (미드나이트), 2021

A serial killer ruthlessly hunts down a deaf woman through the streets of South Korea after she witnesses his brutal crime.

Midnight enthralls in its troughs, shines in its implementation, and allows a brilliant ensemble to bring this constantly anxiety-inducing beauty to life. 

Whenever the script appears to have played out all of its cards, something unexpected throws everything back into play. 

Midnight is an excellent example of taking something that is excessively familiar and making it feel fresh by introducing different individuals.

7. The Wailing (곡성), 2016

This is one of the first few Korean films as a learner that bought me close to K-cinema. 

Again tending more towards horror, this classic South Korean movie will surely give you the chills. So if you are looking for a spine-chilling ending, watch on Amazon Prime Video now.

The Wailing

A mysterious pandemic breaks out in Gokseong, a small village in the South Korean mountains after a foreigner arrives there. And then a series of mysterious deaths and killings follow.

A police officer investigates the truth behind the pandemic. And also the killing to save his daughter from becoming a victim.

A breathtaking screenplay and chilling story make this flick an exciting experience. This is one of the best Korean thriller movies of all time.

8. Escape from Mogadishu (모가디슈), 2021

Rival North Korean and South Korean diplomats are waging a bad-faith campaign to jeopardize one other’s chances of forming political alliances with Somalia’s leadership.

While the civil war in Mogadishu, Somalia, rages, they get stranded. With no help from either government, their only chance of surviving is to band together with bitter enemies.

This flick is also suitable for language learners. It can help if you are studying and preparing for a higher level of Korean TOPIK.

9. Rampant (악녀), 2018

Lee Chung is a Joseon prince who the Qing Dynasty kidnaped. He likes to drink, womanize, and gamble.

He’s also a fantastic swordsman. Lee Young, his older brother, succeeds the king and takes Lee Chung to Joseon.

After more than a decade, he reappears. But, sadly, Lee Chung will soon be confronted by nighttime creatures. Following the infamous zombie apocalypse genre, this movie is another thriller where the South Koreans give their best.

10. The Villainess (악녀), 2017

Sook-Hee is a ruthless assassin. Yanbian, China, is where she was born and learned all her assassin skills. She disguises herself as a murderer and travels to South Korea.

She wishes for a better life but meets two guys. Hyun-soo keeps an eye on Sook-hee, while Joong-sang is a mystery guy who trains murderers.

A former assassin who will stop at nothing to break connections with her past is at the center of this sleek action-thriller, which injects a pulse of adrenaline into the classic femme fatale scenario. The Villainess is a film you shouldn’t miss.

11. Minari (미나리), 2020

Minari is a sweet and expansive drama about what connects us. It follows a Korean-American family as they relocate to an Arkansas farm in quest of their own American Dream.

With the advent of their cunning, foul-mouthed, but immensely loved grandmother, the family’s household is drastically transformed.

Romantic Korean movies on Amazon Prime

Minari shows the inherent tenacity of family and what makes up home among the volatility and trials of this new existence in the rough Ozarks. This Oscar winner is touching and worth watching.

12. The Outlaws (범죄도시), 2017

Written and directed by Sang Yoon-sung, The Outlaws is a Korean crime action film released in 2017.

This crime action flick based on actual events is about a Seoul-based detective. He tried to keep the peace while two Chinese-Korean gangs battled over turf in the neighborhood.

If you are exploring nail-biting suspense, this is what you should see. The action-packed title on Amazon Prime Video will thoroughly entertain you.

13. Hard Hit (발신제한), 2021

Jo Woo-jin, Lee Jae-in, and Ji Chang-wook star in Hard Hit, a Korean thriller movie directed by Kim Chang-ju. This is one of the highest-grossing South Korean films ever.

The story narrates an ordinary family going through unexpected and surprising events. It all happened because of a bizarre phone call that put them in a terrible situation.

This film is as compelling and spine-tingling as you might imagine. Trust me; you won’t be able to take a break while watching this.

14. Nothing Serious (연애 빠진 로맨스), 2021

Nothing Serious is a light-hearted romantic comedy flick written and directed by Jeong Ga-young.

In the film, Woo-ri (Son Seok-gu) and Ja-young (Jeon Jong-seo) are 32 and 28 years old, respectively. They hate being alone and have dating anxiety. Finally, a dating app brought them together.

Amazon prime Korean movies

This is a well-made Korean rom-com cinema fan. So if you are looking for a comical story, watch this binge-worthy on Amazon Prime Video.

15. Operation Chromite (인천상륙작전), 2016

Released in 2016, this is a well-known 2016 South Korean War drama. The story is simple yet complex, just how Korean is hard and easy at the same time.

The real-life events of the Battle of Inchon inspire the film. Before the UN invasion, they sent a team of spies to Incheon to gather intelligence on North Korea.

Battle for Incheon – Operation Chromite is an incredible and well-written war movie. The story alone is astonishing. You can bet on that.

16. The Spy: Undercover Operation (스파이), 2013

The Spy: Undercover Operation is a 2013 South Korean action comedy flick that centers on a secret agent.

Sol Kyung-gu is undercover and in a covert operation in a different country. His wife, Moon So-ri, does not know what his job entails.

The 121 minutes of comedy, bizarre situations, mystery, and frightening scenes make up the perfect blend.

17. Confidential Assignment (공조), 2017

Starring Hyun Bin, Kim Joo-hyuk, and Yoo Hae-jin, the Confidential Assignment is a South Korean action movie directed by Kim Sung-hoon.

In this story, a North Korean criminal group crosses borders and enters South Korea. After that, a South Korean detective and a North Korean detective work together to track them down.

This is a must-watch K-flick with lots of humorous scenes. With many fine performances, it evokes lots of drama that keeps you engaged until the very end.

18. I Saw The Devil (악마를 보았다), 2010

A revenge story from director Kim Jee-woon reaches new depths of rage and obsession.

In this film, a serial killer murders the fiancé of a National Intelligence Service agent. This starts with an appearance of vengeance that is uniquely crazed.

I Saw The Devil

Throughout I Saw the Devil, Kyung-chul refuses to stop, leading to a shocking climax that blurs the lines between good and evil.

This Korean revenge thriller is among the best of all time. During the last few scenes, you will wonder who really won. Did both lose? You won’t want to miss it!

19. Fabricated City (조작된 도시), 2018

This is another South Korean action and crime film directed by Kwang-Hyun Park.

Fabricated City is a tale of Kwon, an exceptional gamer. In the beginning, someone wrongly framed him for murder. He and his partners then decided to prove his innocence and find the real culprits.

The film has everything to make it a must-watch Korean movie. It has everything from breathtaking visuals and stunning action scenes to excellent acting and an easy-to-follow storyline.

20. Master (마스터), 2016

Directed by Jo Ui-seok, Master is a Korean film full of action, crime, and drama. It’s totally worth your time to sit for 143 minutes of amusement.

In the story, a team of investigators investigates a business called One Network for intellectual crimes. This business was implicated in a massive fraud and corruption case.

Masters is a superb entertainer that keeps you hooked throughout the film in a fully packed action thriller.

21. Innocence (결백), 2020

Park Sang-hyun also wrote and directed Innocence, another South Korean crime drama.

This film is based on a real-life story. Ahn Jung-in (Shin Hye-sun), an attorney, defends her mother after someone wrongly accused her of murdering someone at her husband’s funeral.

While defending her estranged mother in a court murder trial, she discovers the village’s secrets. This flick has won many nominations and awards.

Final Words on Korean Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Korean drama movies on amazon prime

All the films above are free if you have an Amazon Prime Subscription. Sometimes, you can buy or rent via Amazon or pay for the 3rd party online streaming like MUBI, etc.

You should check if the title is available in your country since not all titles are available in every region. Plus, many flicks are available for a limited time. So you may not find some films by the time you read this.

This list of 21 Korean movies on Amazon Prime Video isn’t complete. But this can be good enough to start, enjoy and explore an entertaining world of Korean cinema.

I’ve compiled this list based on awards, box office collections, critical acclaim, and my personal liking. I also considered ratings and reviews on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Google, Metacritic, etc.

The K-movies encourage you to understand various aspects of the Korean language, culture, customs, and society of South Korea.

Do you have recommendations for Korean movies on Amazon that are not on the list? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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